Monday, 12 January 2015

Hi Bloggers, I'm back!

I lasted post in April 2014, so it has definitely been a loooonnnngggg time between posts. While I was gone I did do some blog reading but because it was so infrequent I had hundreds of posts to wade through and hit delete just to make less overwhelming. Because of this I'm sure I have missed a lot of momentous stuff happening.  Our lives have gone on, with ups and downs and we have survived. Here's a synopsis of our lives in 2011.

I still have headache / migraines I developed in March 2011. I am a lot better than I was in 2011 and 12 but I still need to take pain relief regularly. it was because of the head thing that I started but didn't finish one of the very early Learn to Run programs over at Operation Move. It was mostly because after a 'proper' migraine my body feels the after effects for up to a week. This meant I ended up getting a long way behind and a bit overwhelmed. No reflection on the guys over there at all.

We adopted a bunny to be friends with our now 8 year old boy bunny A. Like him, F is an albino but she is not part dwarf and is now twice his size. A is now blind in both eyes because he developed cataracts last year due to the E. Cuniculi virus he had back in 2012. F was so very little and cute when we got her.
F's photo from her Pet Rescue adoption poster
Boy Child has gotten his learner driving licence. There will be fun times ahead as Mr E and I try not to traumatise Boy as both our fathers did to us when we were learning to drive. He finished Year 10 and is heading off to a new school for Year 11 and 12 because that's how it works here.

Girl Child did dance all year and as usual performed in the end of year concert. She still loves dance. She went to a come and try term of Tai Kwon Do at school and is considering doing that as an activity as well. She will be in her last year of primary school in 2015 so we need to check out high schools for her.

Mr E took up roller derby for fun and fitness. He seems to enjoy it and I'm sure he is a lot fitter than he was. He has mostly been injury free and has lots of friends in his league. He also did a Masters in IT Security. 

I still work as a Learning Support Assistant in a school. My hours seem to change quite regularly and I ended up working 5 short days a week from Term 3. Right at the end if the year they extended my hours. I changed buildings at one point and a lovely teacher I was working with convinced me that I could do her job. So after asking a number of people and getting an overwhelming positive response, I bit the bullet and applied to do teaching at Uni. I was accepted and have enrolled full time to study teaching by distance education starting at the end of February. 

I have never studied at Uni full time so I'm a bit worried about the workload. The distance thing will be new and I'll be working 2 days a week for first term as well so wish me luck. If anyone has any hints, tips or whatever please let me know.


Kylie Purtell said...

How exciting about Uni, that's awesome! I'm going to tafe this year, first time preoperly studying and going to classes since I walked out of Uni 14 years ago. Thankfully it's only 2 days a week (although I'm sure there will be a lot more time put in to assignments and what-not out of those two days!) but if all goes well then I will do the Diploma in 2016 which is full-time for 36 weeks. But it's photography, and I'm super excited and passionate about so it should be fun.

Abnd scaring about the learner licence! That is one thing I am really dreading in about 14 years time!

Glad to have you back, lovely!

Sarah said...

Good to see you back E and good luck with uni - exciting times ahead, don't forget to share them! x


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