Monday, 11 March 2013

Work is going well

Last post I was talking about my thoughts and feelings about work.  I had been offered some work at Murrumbidgee (an assigned name for the school where I did my prac).  It was 10 days work over 4 weeks in the Kindergarten building. Because of a public holiday I’m actually booked for 9 days. One week I work 2 days and the next I work 3. Last week was a 3 day work week and I was asked to come in for the 2 additional days to help out elsewhere in the school.  As it turned out, I ended up staying in Kindy. The first day I went to fill in for someone who was away due to family issues and on the second I was working on a class helping with a particular student. It’s possible that this student may be getting some LSA time and if that happens, I may get the work.  I’m not holding my breath because these things take time but so far I seem to have a good rapport with that child and their teacher.

I feel as though I am making a difference to the students and teachers.  Better yet, people keep thanking me. They have thanked me for being working the additional days and for being flexible. I think they like me.  And I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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Sarah said...

Glad it's going so well E and fingers crossed it brings some more work your way!


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