Saturday, 30 March 2013

More on working

After being offered 9 days work over 4 weeks and then being asked to work every day one week as I mentioned in my previous work post, I have been asked to work everyday since. I’m very grateful for the work and I feel as though I’m making a difference in the classes I’m working with but I’m a little tired. I gave myself a day off this week as I had an appointment. Turns out that Girl Child was not feeling well so I kept her home from school and dragged her out to my appointment.

Because I'm working out of home now, Girl Child has been dropped at school early and is being picked up around 30 minutes later than normal. Prior to this I've been very available to her and I feel that she is struggling a little. She doesn't like school sometimes and until recently would complain of a headache and / or a sore tummy (her symptoms of anxiety) at least once a week before school. On the plus side the day I took off this week is the close to the only one where she complained of feeling unwell in the last few weeks. Maybe there is some maturity that occurs in Year 4 or maybe it’s the fact she knows I’m no longer working at home and therefore am no longer at her beck and call. Whatever it is I am very grateful but I worry that she might feel abandoned by me. But then I'm a perpetual worrier.

Anyway, work is going well. So well in fact that I'm going to be getting a name tag so I won't need to wear a generic School Assistant badge. That feels like acceptance to me. I've been booked for the rest of this school term. I've also heard that I may be offered a contract for next term. I'm struggling a little with tiredness and despite managing to get my headache fairly well under control, it has flared up a bit. I'm not yet taking the migraine med but I'm back caffeine a few times a week and on pain relief at least once a day which I had stopped needing in about November.

I'm wondering how long it will take for my body to adjust to working. Working in a classroom with Kindy kids is so different to a desk job. I'm hoping I adjust to it soon.

It's Easter so I thought I'd leave you with some eggs. I hope you and yours have a lovely weekend whatever you celebrate.


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