Sunday, 8 April 2012

Our Easter weekend

The eggs left by the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Otherwise I hope you are having a good long weekend or whatever you may be celebrating this weekend.

Ours has been fairly low key. We didn't escape our city as most people here do every long weekend, but then we don't often go away. Do other cities have what seems like panic buying at the shops on the day before and after Good Friday? It's a weird phenomenon. Here at least, the shops are only shut on Good Friday itself but some how this translates to a madhouse in the shops on Thursday afternoon and again on Saturday.

On Friday Mr E and I went to get some culture at the Art Gallery. We saw the Renaissance Exhibition. It closes on Monday so it was fairly busy. I often used to go to the art gallery and see the travelling exhibits but once Boy Child was born I stopped. Going back to the gallery is on my Day Zero list. We actually went t the Portrait Gallery afterwards as well. We had been recently but Girl Child was with us so we missed out on seeing the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2012. So we went back to check that out. Surprisingly Mr E and I both choose the same photo for the People's Choice award. It is Peta by Eryca Green and to me, it is very powerful.

Unfortunately all that culture may have been a bit too much for me and I was visited by the headache monster. Now regular readers may remember that I got a headache in March last year which while it hasn't gone away, as long as I take my meds then I'm mostly okay. But not this time. This time, it was bad. By the time I had taken all meds including Panadeine Forte and still could not move my head without pain I went to lie down. The problem was lying down made it worse. While Mr E.was making dinner I had started throwing up and knew things were bad.

My executive decision was to go to the emergency department. We got to the hospital about 7:45 pm. I gave my medical history and in return was given Endone, something like Nurofen and something to stop me throwing up. It appears that 7:45 pm is a good time to arrive as I was triaged, changed into a gorgeous hospital gown and in a bed in less than 30 minutes.

The nice Irish sounding Doctor had two attempts at taking blood and situating a cannula. I have two nice bruises but I got morphine and some weird infusion stuff that is supposedly very good for migraines. I spent most of the night having my temperature and blood pressure taken and dozing. I got sprung about 6:30 am and called Mr E. to pick me up. Note to self: 6:30am is also a good time to visit the local ED.

Yesterday was a pretty much a write off as I was very tired and the head still hasn't gone back to the normal pain level. But last night the Easter Bunny came and we got to eat chocolate for breakfast. Girl Child has had her swimming lesson, Boy Child has a friend with him at the pool and soon we will be leaving. I see another nap in my future.

I hope you are having a nice day, whatever you are doing.


Leanne said...

Oh E!!! That's awful. Years ago I used to have to visit emergency for migraines and I too got morphine or pethadine for my troubles. Great stuff. Really works. But you can't do it regularly. You'll end up at Betty Ford!

This is not good my friend. I ended up getting "fixed" by going to a dietitian. I actually went to the dietitian for a 9 month stint of vomiting and IBS, but once she also found out I was a regular migraine sufferer she said I was a classic case of someone who had developed sensitivities to salicylates, amines and MSG. So I went on the Royal Prince Alfred diet and BINGO I've had reasonable control of my IBS, migraines and everything else ever since. I mean, I still get them, but it is every now and then instead of monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. I know you already have your own food issues well in hand though so this probably doesn't apply to you ...

Hope you get better soon.

Lene said...

You poor thing! Migraines are just so painful , I suffered as a child and now my daughter does too. I hope you are feeling better.


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