Sunday, 28 August 2011

Today I'm grateful for...

Being back again. Hopefully this time I'll be back for a while.

This week I'm also grateful for vets. There was a lovely warm day last week and i took Smiley and Serious dogs down to the dog wash. They were filthy! Unfortunately, I discovered under the dirt that their skin was irritated. We think that Smiley dog was sad because of this and he lost his smile. Now, as Smiley is deaf and blind any issues with his attitude could mean that his quality of life isn't so great. While we love Smiley Dog very much we know that prolonging his life when he has no life quality is not an option. So the day before he had his appointment, I discussed with Boy the option of Smiley Dog not making it. Thankfully,with antibiotics Smiley Dog has his smile back.

Serious Dog gets to go back and get his teeth cleaned next week but he seems fine. He is not like Smiley, who is generally exuberant, but rather subdued. However, he is Smiley's eyes and ears so it will be interesting how things go while Serious Dog is away.

I'm also grateful that the Eisteddfod is off the agenda again. It was back on for a week (they were trying to move one item as only two groups were in it) but it turns out it is definitely off. Which means we don't have to worry about it before we leave or while we are away. Again. Hurray! It seems that I was the only one worried about it. Everyone else didn't seem to mind that going to the eisteddfod meant we would have to leave after Boy Childs class so we would have arrived in Sydney until 10 pm at the earliest. Or that a slight delay leaving new Zealand could have meant that we still missed the rescheduled item. So it's really, truly off now.

So I'm grateful for these things. I'm also grateful for a new pizza place opening at our local shops and they sell Gluten Free pizzas. I'm also very grateful for my followers (and commenters) still hanging around while I have been slack once again.

Go visit Maxabella and see what everyone else is grateful for this weekend.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I'm a perpetual worrier...

And that may explain why I have been missing from the blogosphere for the last three plus weeks. It's not that I haven't wanted to know what is going on in your lives and live vicariously through those of you who have the courage to stretch the boundaries or actually go to blogging conferences etc, it's just that I have been so wrapped up in the the possibilities (and in some cases the worst case scenarios) going though my head that I haven't had the energy to devote to the blogosphere.

So what have I been worrying about? Lots of of stuff which while seemingly minor (in most cases) together has created a huge stress in my life. But as of Friday things are mostly resolved so I can get back to my my normal worries.

My headache is still on going. It seems that so many people have a story of someone they know who had headaches which caused major physical issues (such as no longer being able to speak) or who had an aneurysm which was luckily found just in time. I'm not happy about having had a headache since mid March BUT I have had a CT scan and seen a neurologist and actually trust Dr Jesse. I am on a preventative medication which has made some difference but given my recent stress levels in may actually be working better than we think.

I've been organizing things for our long awaited holiday to NZ. Passports, checking accommodation, etc. Thankfully one of the things below has actually helped with this planning and given us a more open schedule.

I have finally handed over that job that I was no longer going to be doing from April. I attended my final meeting and handed over 4 boxes of paperwork last week. The area around my desk is actually vaguely tidy now. And I was even given flowers for all my work over the last 3 a bit years. Very lovely of the committee.

We found out that there is no way that we can attend the Eistedfodd the day we arrive back from our holiday. Despite everyone's best guess that Boy Child would need to be there by 6 pm, it was discovered that the program changed and he may have needed to be there in the early afternoon. After a week spent discussing out options including paying $120 per person to change flights and then flying to the Eistedfodd it turns out that Boy is supposed to be on stage at 9am. So all the plotting and planning was for nothing. We will be on a plane then and even if we had paid the $120 each to change our flights there was no way we could make it. This holiday has been planned for 2 years and we are not skipping out a day early and missing a match in order for Boy Child to perform for 8 minutes. I am very glad we have found out a month in advance though, the troupe has time to change the items and hopefully won't be disadvantaged by Boy Child's absence. But this also means we can leave home anytime the day before our flight out instead after the last practice which would have ended at 7pm.

The best thing of all is that the delusions that someone in this house has been having and only mentioned to me a few weeks ago just as the professional involved went on a month's leave are highly unlikely to be psychosis! Thank goodness. I have been very worried about this, especially with over a month of no idea about it. I was told about the delusions very grudgingly despite them being an ongoing thing. I hate it when people try to 'protect' me by keeping me in the dark.

So that's most of my last few weeks. How have yours been? What things are you worrying about? Any tips to stop a perpetual worrier worrying? 


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