Sunday, 28 August 2011

Today I'm grateful for...

Being back again. Hopefully this time I'll be back for a while.

This week I'm also grateful for vets. There was a lovely warm day last week and i took Smiley and Serious dogs down to the dog wash. They were filthy! Unfortunately, I discovered under the dirt that their skin was irritated. We think that Smiley dog was sad because of this and he lost his smile. Now, as Smiley is deaf and blind any issues with his attitude could mean that his quality of life isn't so great. While we love Smiley Dog very much we know that prolonging his life when he has no life quality is not an option. So the day before he had his appointment, I discussed with Boy the option of Smiley Dog not making it. Thankfully,with antibiotics Smiley Dog has his smile back.

Serious Dog gets to go back and get his teeth cleaned next week but he seems fine. He is not like Smiley, who is generally exuberant, but rather subdued. However, he is Smiley's eyes and ears so it will be interesting how things go while Serious Dog is away.

I'm also grateful that the Eisteddfod is off the agenda again. It was back on for a week (they were trying to move one item as only two groups were in it) but it turns out it is definitely off. Which means we don't have to worry about it before we leave or while we are away. Again. Hurray! It seems that I was the only one worried about it. Everyone else didn't seem to mind that going to the eisteddfod meant we would have to leave after Boy Childs class so we would have arrived in Sydney until 10 pm at the earliest. Or that a slight delay leaving new Zealand could have meant that we still missed the rescheduled item. So it's really, truly off now.

So I'm grateful for these things. I'm also grateful for a new pizza place opening at our local shops and they sell Gluten Free pizzas. I'm also very grateful for my followers (and commenters) still hanging around while I have been slack once again.

Go visit Maxabella and see what everyone else is grateful for this weekend.


Silver Threads of Happiness said...

Neverending headaches are the devil. I find that when I have an ongoing headache the only way I can budge it is to go and get a proper massage. A good deep tissue whole body hour long one. Does the trick every time. Also, I started doing pilates which has been helping as well. Hope you find out what's causing yours (hopefully nothing serious) or that it goes away soon.

Madmother said...

HELLOOOOOOOOOO! Welcome back! How is the head?

Yes, still here... now whose turn is it to e-mail?

We are taking our two disgustingly filthy girls to be groomed today - must be the week for it!

Suzi said...

Great to hear smiley has his smile back :)

Lene said...

So glad to hear that Smiley dog is ok! Pets make the world a happier (and smellier!) place!


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